Fidya & Kaffara

Canada Zakat utilizes Fidya donations to feed needy individuals across Canada. Fidya (also sometimes referred to as Kaffara) is the feeding of a needy individual the equivalent of one standard meal to compensate for a missed Obligatory Fast of Ramadan. Fidya is given when one who is obligated to fast during Ramadan cannot normally make up the missed fast later on due to a valid circumstance such as pregnancy, nursing a baby, long-term illness, or extreme old age etc. The Fidya amount is calculated as the cost of feeding a needy person one standard prepared meal or the equivalent of 1.5 KG of a common local food staple (e.g. Rice, Wheat etc) preferably in kind. Canada Zakat has calculated an average standard prepared meal to cost around $10/person/meal. [E.g. 30 Fasts Missed x $10 = $300 payable in Fidya]. Fidya can be paid at anytime during the year between Ramadan to Ramadan. You may choose to give more or less as per your means.

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