Since 2017, Canada Zakat has helped to support over 150 individuals and families with emergency Zakat Assistance. These typically include smaller one-time payments ranging from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars each, depending on the nature of the applicants’ needs. Canada Zakat also comes across individuals and families in dire need who require a larger amount of financial assistance, under $10,000, or those who require assistance in smaller instalments spread over a period of time. Help support Canada Zakat’s Emergency Response Fund Campaign and help us raise $200,000 to support between 20-30 such families before next Ramadan! PN: This project is eligible for both your Zakat, Sadaqa and other monetary donation types.

Canada Zakat is a project of DawaNet Canada. DawaNet is a federally registered Canadian not- for-profit organization that is focused on community service, education and bridge building. DawaNet currently does not have charitable status and therefore cannot issue charitable donation receipts for tax purposes.