Ramadan Care Packs for the Homeless

Thank you for your support! We were able to assemble and distribute around 100 Care Packages to 3 Homeless Shelters in the Greater Toronto Area. Care Packages went to Nisa Homes, Our Place Peel, and The Salvation Army shelters.

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Sponsor a Ramadan Care Package for our homeless neighbors. Care packages start at just $35/each and will include essential hygiene supplies, snacks and other useful items! Care packs will be assembled by donors and volunteers at this year’s Celebrate Ramadan Iftar & Grand Eid Bazaar event at the Mississauga Celebration Square, on Tuesday, June 05th, 2018. The Care Packs will be distributed to the homeless in the GTA in the days following the event. Can’t attend the Celebrate Ramadan Iftar? No problem! Sponsor the cost of a Ramadan Care Package (or even a few) online, and we’ll assemble and distribute it for you, for FREE! (PN: This project is not zakat eligible. But. feel free to donate from your Sadaqa, Fidya, Kaffara or general donations).

This is a Non-Zakat Donation

Canada Zakat is a project of DawaNet Canada. DawaNet is a federally registered Canadian not- for-profit organization that is focused on community service, education and bridge building. DawaNet currently does not have charitable status and therefore cannot issue charitable donation receipts for tax purposes.