“So this is Eid ul-Adha and what have you done?” Emergency campaign for GTA Family struck by tragedy

So this is Eid ul-Adha and what have you done?

So this is Eid-ul-Adha and what have you done? Fasting, praying, making your deen strong but for some in the local community, the road is still so long…

Imagine your life routinely passing by but an unexpected tragedy hits with a blink of an eye.
Brother and sisters, this is a sad, imminent reality for one GTA family. Brother Abdullah (not real name) the only breadwinner had a major stroke a month ago that left him brain dead and in a permanent coma state. Now realizing their worst fears, doctors have told the family there is no chance of recovery and they will be pulling the plug on his life support this week

While many of us will be preparing for Eid, buying new clothes, decorating our homes, preparing the sacrificial lamb, one family will be saying goodbye to their loved one forever. A four year old will not be eagerly waiting to receive gifts on EID day. A nine year old will not be sitting next to his father listening to the Eid Kuthba waiting for his EID embrace. A fourteen year old will be starting high school, a time of difficult transition without their father’s support and grace. An eighteen year old starting university will be forced to shoulder some of his mother’s burden to help maintain the family’s place…

The first ten days of the month of Dhul Hijjah are blessed. What better way to expand your blessings and receive Allah(Swt)’s mercy by giving sadaqa to this worthy cause. Alleviating the pain and suffering of this local family being tried by Allah (swt) at one of the most difficult times

Please donate to this cause below. Select “Emergency Campaign for GTA Family struck by tragedy” under the options. Any amount is appreciated and May Allah(swt) double the reward for you in these auspicious days.


Amount Collected: $1000.00


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