"Spread the Compassion” Ramadan 2015 Campaign

We have collected $2,821.30 of our $30,000.00 target. It is 9.40% of our goal for the Spread the Compassion Ramadan 2015 Campaign campaign

According to a 2014 Toronto Star report on child poverty in the GTA, neighborhoods with residents of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern backgrounds were most likely to be living in poverty. Unfortunately for us. these statistics include Muslim children.

In 2014, Canada Zakat helped launch multiple campaigns targeting families with young children in destitute situations across the GTA:

A campaign to help a mother of two children was launched when her husband, and sole-breadwinner of two children was killed in a tragic car accident in Mississauga.
A campaign to help a Muslim Convert adjust to her new life as a single mother of 5 children after being physically abused by her ex-husband.
A campaign to help a young family newly arrived from war-torn Syria, with just enough funds to pay first and last month’s rent.

In addition to dedicated campaigns, Canada Zakat also uses your donations to purchase grocery gift cards, supplement non-insured medical bills, and supplement (through one-time payments) housing costs for needy individuals and families.

This Ramadan, we’re hoping to raise $30,000 for 100 vulnerable Muslim families in the GTA. These funds will be used to purchase gift cards for qualifying famalies from major multi-purpose retailers such as Walmart. This will provide needy Muslim families with the freedom and flexibility to use these gift cards to purchase groceries and Eid Gifts for their children.

So join us and help us make this Eid a joyous occasion for ALL Muslim children in the GTA. Donate to Canada Zakat’s “Spread the Compassion – Ramadan Campaign 2015.” Be part of the solution by donating at least $100. Share the barakah and also let your family and friends know. If 300 donors donate $100 each, inshAllah we will be well on our way as a community to raising $30,000 for ]needy Muslim families in the GTA.

Canada Zakat is a project of DawaNet Canada. DawaNet is a federally registered Canadian not- for-profit organization that is focused on community service, education and bridge building. DawaNet currently does not have charitable status and therefore cannot issue charitable donation receipts for tax purposes.