December 16, 2014: This sister is a lonely recent immigrant to Canada who had been abused both physically and mentality by her estranged husband.

Her husband fled the country, leaving her and her teenage son straddled in debt. She depends heavily on her son to navigate the system, as her language skills are not proficient for employment.

Just recently, her son was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and is in the process of receiving chemotherapy.

Previously, the sister and her son were able to survive through social assistance, the Mississauga Food bank, and the gracious help of the Peel Catholic Support Services. However, her son now requires a special diet as a result of his prognosis, placing added strain on their current financial situation, already marred by her-ex husband leaving them in debt.

Alhumdulliah, her son has hopes to beat this cancer and eventually educate himself for a better future for him and his mother

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