Urgent Appeal: Recently Divorced, Convert, Mother of 5 Young Children Target: $5,000 (Campaign003-2014)

June 18, 2014: One of the key aspects of Zakat is to support new Muslims, especially those in financial difficulty or in dire circumstances. These people were attracted to Islam because it encourages mercy, compassion, and generosity, through the example of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him.

The GTA is home to many reverts in financial hardship and one such example that has come to the attention of Canada Zakat, is a single mother of young children. She is recently divorced, coming out of an extremely abusive relationship, with very young children and in desperate need of some debt relief.

Amount required: $5,000

This contribution will meet their basic needs over the next six months. The sister is currently unable to work because she has 2 children under the age of 4 and day care is extremely expensive. The raised amount will go towards living expenses. The sister has applied to social services and has been approved housing, but due to the high cost of her previous dwelling, she is drowning in debt.

As an optional item to help the family, if anyone has a used, seven seat working condition van that they would like to either donate or sell at an affordable price, this will be greatly appreciated (contact us at zakat@dawanet.ca).

Please find it in your heart to give to this local cause and a single revert mother with five kids.

Donate Now (Please mention “Campaign003-2014” in the “Note” field once you get to the Paypal form to donate)

Help our revert sister and her family keep their dignity! Help Canada Zakat meet this target today!

Amount Collected: $3,451


Canada Zakat is a project of DawaNet Canada. DawaNet is a federally registered Canadian not- for-profit organization that is focused on community service, education and bridge building. DawaNet currently does not have charitable status and therefore cannot issue charitable donation receipts for tax purposes.