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Please Donate your Zakat Now!

Canada Zakat, a project of DawaNet, believes in local collection and local distribution to build a stronger Muslim community in Toronto and Canada. Please remember your needy brothers and sisters in Toronto area in your share of Zakat this year!

There are many new immigrants, refugees, single mothers, seniors, families with special needs, who are desperately waiting for your generosity. Let us not disappoint them!

  • All collected Zakat funds will go towards supporting the collection and distribution of Zakat to the needy and in accordance with rules (i.e, Fiqh) of Zakat. Funds will be used strictly in the categories specified by Allah in the Quran 9:60.
  • We will provide transparent and accountable reporting of the amount of Zakat collected and distributed.
  • The name of DawaNet will appear on your charge, which maintain the Zakat funds account separately.

DawaNet is a federal not-for-profit organization operating in Canada since 2000.

You can also donate by write a check to “DawaNet” and mail it to:
Canada Zakat
C/O DawaNet
2-2570 Haines Road
Mississauga, ON
L4Y 4A3 Canada