All of Canada Zakat’s charitable initiatives are designed to alleviate poverty and need Locally within Canada! We do not have any international projects or campaigns.


This Eid-ul-Adha, Share the Gift of Qurbani Meat with a Needy Family in Canada!

1000 Donors for $1 a Day

Looking for 1000 donors to each make an ongoing commitment of just $30/month

HalalServe Mobile Food Bank

Help provide halal & healthy food to needy families

Care Packs for Homeless Neighbours

Sponsor the cost of a Care Pack to a Homeless Neighbour!

Homelessness Support

Help needy families at risk of becoming homeless

Fidya & Kaffara

Canada Zakat utilizes Fidya donations to feed needy individuals

Aqeeqa Sacrifice

Donate ALL of the meat from the Aqeeqa sacrifice to the needy

Where Most Needed (Zakat)

General Zakat fund are strictly utilized for all of our Zakat-eligible programs

SaDAQa Where Most Needed

Funds are utilized for all of our charitable programs to benefit the poor and needy

Fitra - Sadaqa

Zakat-ul-Fitr (Sadaqa-tul-Fitr)
is a religious charitable obligation

Ramadan Care Packs for Homeless

Sponsor a Ramadan Care Package for our homeless neighbors

Counselling Services

Help provide Free or Subsidized counselling & well-being services