The HalalServe Food Bank is a Canada Zakat’s Food Assistance Program.

We rigorously examine all applications using criteria and procedures outlined by the Canada Zakat Review Committee. You can fill the online application below or download a PDF Application to be filled offline.

Application Form for Halal Food Assistance

TERMS OF SERVICE - Step 1 of 2


By proceeding with the application process the applicant understands and agrees that:
  1. To help effectively manage the large number of applications we receive, we request that all applications and required supporting documentation be submitted electronically via this form. Applications (pdf form) downloaded from our website and submitted via email or mail may take longer to review. Walk-in Applications cannot be accepted at this time.
  2. At the time of the application, applicants must be of sound mind, 18 years of age or older and legally residing in Canada.
  3. Application review times may vary depending on several factors including current volume and the availability of resources. Please allow between 2-6 weeks from the time we receive a complete application, including all required documentation.
  4. Incomplete applications with missing documents cannot be reviewed. Please take the time to carefully review the list of Required Items and submit all documents together.
  5. We take privacy very seriously. All information collected by (DawaNet, Canada Zakat and Halal Serve) will be used for the purposes of reviewing the application, assessing the need and for conducting a review of our program. Data (non-personal details) collected as part of the application process may also be used to inform/update/train our team, educate and engage supporters and donors, apply for grants to better assist the clients we seek to serve .
  6. By submitting an application, the applicant(s) allow(s) us to share relevant parts of their information with other parties, and/or with an applicant(s)’ references for the purposes of verifying the information provided to us.
  7. Submitting an application does NOT guarantee that an applicant is eligible to receive assistance from us. The decision to approve or provide any assistance, the types and amounts of assistance, depends on several factors including the availability of resources and an applicant's eligibility and need.
  8. Purposefully providing incorrect / false information, or instances of non-compliance with our organization’s rules and standard protocol including not fulfilling requirements, aggressive or threatening behaviour of any kind against our team will automatically result in an automatic decline of the application and further consequences.
  9. We do NOT issue cash or cheque payments directly to the applicants that are approved. The type (and amount) of assistance we are able to provide is established based on our assessment of the situation and resources available to us at the time. Approved applicants may receive assistance from us in paying outstanding bills or a subsidy towards their monthly rental cost.
  10. Applicants who have received a one-time financial assistance from us are ineligible to reapply for financial assistance for a period of 2 years from the date they last received assistance from us.
  11. We require you to provide a phone number but correspond and communicate primarily via Email. We generally do not provide application status updates via phone or in person. Please do not call or visit us, except when requested / by prior appointment. You may follow up via email. Thank you.

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